WNY’s First Custom Brew Center

While working with our brewer you will go through the steps of brewing your own beer.  Experience home brewing without the purchase of equipment and supplies!

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Recipe Selection

*Pricing Includes Bottles*

Signature Selections

American Amber


An amber with notes of caramel and chocolate

Cream Ale


Light “not your fathers” Genny Cream Ale



smooth, crisp, with a slightly dry finish

American IPA


High bitterness, with tones of citrus from the Cascades

Sour/Sour IPA


Brown Ale


A mild brown beer with hints of caramel and chocolate



Spiced with coriander and orange peel

California Common


Crisp, clean, with a lingering bitterness of woody/earthy tones

Session IPA


An IPA with low ABV for an all-day enjoyment

Premium Selections

Honey Stout


Full body beer with the sweetness of honey

Irish Stout


Creamy and sweet with lactose sugar to give a silky finish

Black IPA


Well balanced IPA with dark malts and lots of hops, making this a BOLD beer

Belgian Saison


Lots of spice with a medium bitterness

Milk Stout


Creamy stout with lactose added

Oatmeal Stout


Full-bodied smooth taste

Citra Pale Ale


Rich gold color with aroma, full of citrus flavor

Superior Selections

Fruity Wheat Beer: Blueberry


Hint of blueberry, fermented with real fruit

Fruity Wheat Beer: Peach


Hint of peach, fermented with real fruit

Double IPA


Strong Bitterness, with notes of pine & citrus

Apricot Pale Ale


Medium Bodied crisp ale, made with sweet apricot

Holiday Ale


Notes of Cinnamon, all spice and ginger

Pumpkin Ale


Great pumpkin taste made with real pureed pumpkin and spices

Fruity Wheat Beer: Cherry


Hint of cherry, fermented with real fruit

Chocolate Hazelnut Porter


Dark in color with chocolate and ending with hazelnut

Grapefruit Pulpin


Full of hops for a great grapefruit taste

Belgian Tripel


Strong golden ale based on recipes from monks of the 1930’s



Rich malt with a smooth roasted caramel flavor

Additional Info


$50 with your reservation (non-refundable without 7 days notice of your appointment)


INCLUDED (per bottle includes the caps) 

***If you return to brew and bring your bottles back a $.50 credit will be given on EACH 22oz. bottle and $.30 on EACH 12oz. bottle.


$50. per keg (your beer ready at pickup)


We will clean/sanitize/and fill it with your brew (bring it the day of your brew session).

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