Flagship Beers

If you are wondering what Windy is all about, these beers will give you a taste of what makes us who we are! Check the on Tap menu to see if any of these are currently available!


6.0% | American IPA

100% locally brewed beer. $1 from every pint/can benefits Pets for Vets!!


6.4% | West Coast IPA

Huge hop aroma bursting with notes of citrus and tropical fruits

Big Tree

6.4% | Pale Ale

Straightforward citrusy pale ale just like Big Tree Road

Muddy Russian

9.5% | Imperial Stout

If Ivan Drago drank this he may have beaten Rocky


5.8% | Wheat Ale

Looks like blueberries, tastes like blueberries, so we added some beer to it so we could enjoy blueberry beer

American Ale

5.0% | Amber Ale

With notes of caramel and a smooth finish. It’ll have you chanting ‘USA!’ by the time you finish!!

Sheldon Bush

6.0% | Light Cream Ale

Our local friends and family enjoy Busch and Busch light; so, we had to make a Sheldon Bush for them!

Bessy’s Best

5.5% | Milk Stout

Malt sweetness dominates this delicious dark beer

Barry’s Hefe

5.5% | Unfiltered Wheat Beer

Easy drinking — Barry said make me a Hefeweizen, Bill said ok. The end.


5.5% | Belgian White

Light, clean, crisp served with an orange, If you like to get some vitamin C while also enjoying a beer?? Then drink this beer!

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